Daily Archives: 07/04/2011

do you see what I see?

My sister contacted me in the spring and said, “If I come for an extra week, will you promise to entertain me?” She and her husband were planning to come up for a week in July but with a summer off, my sister had the time to come for an extended visit.  But she was adamant about not sitting around my parent’s house with nothing to do.  I promised to play tour guide; it would give me a chance to revisit places I hadn’t been in a while since most of my sight-seeing had been with my children.

Sia arrived the last weekend in June and our first long trip was to Stanley Park outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.  My husband and I used to take the children there every year when the orca were in residence at the aquarium but when border traffic increased, we stopped going.  Having my sister as navigator was helpful and we found that taking my adult son with his wheelchair became an additional advantage – good parking and half price admission!

grandparents gate

Since that trip, we’ve gone on to visit Deception Pass on Whidbey Island, just down I-5 from home, and when her husband arrived this weekend, we took a nice walk on a trail down one side of Lake Whatcom.  My sister and her husband are photo “phanatics”, with fancy cameras.  I have a good camera and I enjoy taking pictures but I can’t get the exquisite detail that they capture. Knowing they will take a ton of pictures, I feel free to experiment and get arty with my pictures!


My sister and I are enjoying seeing the same sights through different lenses.  Each evening we post our pictures.  My parents are getting to armchair travel.