Daily Archives: 07/05/2011

finding my way

I stumbled upon her work in a garden shop in Seattle.  The paintings on the notecards told stories and I wanted to know the stories, actually, I wanted to write the stories.  They were stories I seemed to know in my heart.  I didn’t buy a card at the time but a month later I went back to the store and bought the only card on the rack.  I came home and began an internet search.  I wanted to know this woman.  I found out that she is close to my age and lives in the northwest, and I’m thoroughly enjoying exploring all her work.

Her name is Deborah Dewit Marchant.  She is a photographer and artist.  I’m sure she is more than that but I’ve only just begun to discover her.  I bought the book she wrote called Traveling Light about her journey as a photographer.  Her work is so atmospheric; it is amazing to me!

Looking at her photos has helped me realize how much I love to find texture when I’m taking pictures.

I’m excited by my new discovery – this artist in the world and the artist in me.