taking it slow

Half way around the second loop, my left leg was throbbing.  We probably should’ve started with the longer and steeper loop. Faulty planning aside, I hadn’t anticipated struggling so much after only an hour. An hour!!

Six years ago I participated in a 60-mile fundraising walk for breast cancer and yet here I was, ready to call it a day, after only two miles of leisurely walking on a cushy dirt trail in the woods.

I’ve always enjoyed walking. But now, with bursitis flaring up in my left leg, I can only walk for about half an hour and anything uphill is a strain.

Benches have become welcome sights, and looking for photo opportunities helps me take it slow and rest my leg instead of pushing myself in unnecessary ways.   I am going to have to develop a new attitude about walking – instead of focusing on pace and endurance,  I will have to think about stamina and taking my time.      

Photos taken on a walk in the Stimpson Family Reserve, Bellingham, WA, July 2011.

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4 responses to “taking it slow

  • Deb Day

    I have just discovered your blog through Two Writing Teachers–I love it. Love your pictures, love your writing. I didn’t comment on it, but the post about sons really struck home. I have two grown sons who I love with all my heart, but tough love was definitely needed!
    Happy Writing

  • jenash712

    My favorite posts are the ones that include beautiful pictures, too. Love it. 🙂

  • elsie

    I’m glad you were able to take it slow to get these pictures. Such a beautiful area! As I sit in the midst of a suffocating heat wave, your pictures take me to a cooler place. It certainly is a wake up call when things we used to do with ease now requires some effort. I hate that!

  • Ruth

    Lovely words + photos. I can’t wait to read another slice tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

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