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centering practices

it’s Friday morning and
something’s not right
let’s see…
i’m in my chair
i have my mug full of coffee
the cat’s in my lap

something’s not right

i feel jittery
maybe it’s just because school is starting, i’m amped up.  i start noticing what i didn’t get to this week – vacuuming the dog hair from the rug,
refolding the blankets from last Saturday evening on the couch, the textbook  i meant to get farther into

doing all those things would still not make it right!

let’s see…
i’m in my chair
i have my mug full of coffee
the cat’s in my lap

OH! OH! OH! (Dick and Jane moment…..)


(and so I spent the weekend ripping out a project because I misplaced the instructions when I put it aside last June, and I’m just not inspired anymore…browsed Ravelry all Sunday long and finally just decided to create my own pattern)

Monday morning….  (you can all say it with me now…)
i’m in my chair
i have my mug full of coffee
the cat’s in my lap
and i’m knitting

breathe in, breathe out

self discipline

“When do you write?  What is your discipline around blogging?”  a fellow blogger asked.

What a great question to answer.  I need to have a lot of discipline these days around blogging.  I edit my mother’s blog to get her entry ready for SOL and I like to write (at least!!!) once a week on One Sunflower, and I also want to play around on this blog.

But I need to be a reader of blogs too!  If I read, I need to comment – because even though that darling dashboard shows visitors, how will anyone know  their writing is valued-  not just peeked at-  if I don’t comment?  I think visiting a blog needs to be more like courteously trespassing. ” I loved tiptoeing around your house and your orchard…loved what you’ve done with the bathroom –and by the way, your apples are delicious.”

I enjoy the discipline of blog writing and, while I occasionally worry I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I love what I’m seeing in my mom and in myself as blog writers.  When we get together on the weekend, she talks to me about her current blog topic ideas.  She is inspired by all kinds of conversations.

I love the challenge to be thinking about writing.  I edit my mom’s entries so that they’ll be understood by readers who aren’t family but I work hard to maintain her voice and stay true to her intention.  I try to write with some integrity to my teaching on my other blog and to purely play on this one.

Did you taste the apples?

lens as ink: one teacher’s lament

What happened last week seems long ago;
my summer is fading to black and white.
Snapshots spill across my table;
I’d better date them quickly or I’ll never remember…
was this the summer of  2011 or …….

Seaside, Oregon














Depoe Bay, Oregon








going, going, gone……

thinking about courage

the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery
strength in the face of pain or grief
from Old French corage, from Latin cor ‘heart’

I have a friend who is especially interested in supporting courage in youth.  Reading her blog has me thinking about when I have witnessed courage in others and wondering about whether I am courageous.

Reading the definition above I understand why many of us are able to name courage in others but not in ourselves. We are afraid of the encounters, the hurdles, the pains, the circumstances, but those we name as courageous seem to act without regard to fear.  We may sense their trepidation but not fear.  My friends often tell me I’ve been raising my disabled son in a courageous way. I feel like I’ve just been doing what I’m supposed to do.

Maybe that is another aspect of being courageous; being so in tune with ones personal values that the acts and words called forth in those tenuous moments come naturally.   That isn’t to say they come easily, just that they flow from an inner strength of spirit that was there even before courage called it out.

If I am courageous it is only because so many have nurtured my inner spirit, made it feel so safe and self-assured that when it has been called upon to take a leap of faith, it has walked, run, flown… without hesitation.

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