lens as ink: one teacher’s lament

What happened last week seems long ago;
my summer is fading to black and white.
Snapshots spill across my table;
I’d better date them quickly or I’ll never remember…
was this the summer of  2011 or …….

Seaside, Oregon














Depoe Bay, Oregon








going, going, gone……

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5 responses to “lens as ink: one teacher’s lament

  • Michelle

    Wow. Beautiful photographs. Love the black and white – simple, yet speaks so loudly even though it’s a fading memory. I guess that is why I’m a fan of digital photography — the computer captures the date!

  • Jennifer

    What a beautiful way to capture the end of summer! I’m feeling that it’s fading fast as well and your entry really spoke to me. It’s so important to capture these little bits of life as they go flying on!

  • Kim

    Lovely. I especially love the angle of the first shot. I also like how it ties to the last one. Makes me want to spend more time with my camera! Thanks for sharing.

  • elsie

    The older I get, the quicker the memory fades. You’ve hit the nail on the head with your poem. Wonderful photos!

  • diana1litcoach

    As always, your writing blows me away! I love the line, “snapshots spill across my table.” I like hearing all the “s” sounds together in that line. And together with your pictures . . . wow, love it!

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