Daily Archives: 08/23/2011

self discipline

“When do you write?  What is your discipline around blogging?”  a fellow blogger asked.

What a great question to answer.  I need to have a lot of discipline these days around blogging.  I edit my mother’s blog to get her entry ready for SOL and I like to write (at least!!!) once a week on One Sunflower, and I also want to play around on this blog.

But I need to be a reader of blogs too!  If I read, I need to comment – because even though that darling dashboard shows visitors, how will anyone know  their writing is valued-  not just peeked at-  if I don’t comment?  I think visiting a blog needs to be more like courteously trespassing. ” I loved tiptoeing around your house and your orchard…loved what you’ve done with the bathroom –and by the way, your apples are delicious.”

I enjoy the discipline of blog writing and, while I occasionally worry I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I love what I’m seeing in my mom and in myself as blog writers.  When we get together on the weekend, she talks to me about her current blog topic ideas.  She is inspired by all kinds of conversations.

I love the challenge to be thinking about writing.  I edit my mom’s entries so that they’ll be understood by readers who aren’t family but I work hard to maintain her voice and stay true to her intention.  I try to write with some integrity to my teaching on my other blog and to purely play on this one.

Did you taste the apples?