thinking about the question

Who are you?

My first response was: “I am many things and I am a secret” because the things that popped into my head in response to the question were all the labels I have for myself as far as the roles I play in others lives.  But I also feel like I am a secret because if you took away all of those labels and pared me down to the core of who I am – an entity in the world, I think most of me is still unknown, especially to myself.

Sometimes when I’m out and about I feel like the head of the Cheshire Cat – eyes and ears and a great big grin – but the body of who I am is hidden.  Sometimes I put myself out in the world that way too, just the tips of me and just beyond reach, because I’m afraid for all of me to be known.  Sometimes I can barely find the tips of me myself, let alone anything solid with fur and bone.

But that is why I enrolled in the class that began with that question – because I want to find out more about myself.  It’s an online photography class so I guess I’ll learn about myself one exposure at a time.  (couldn’t resist….)


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2 responses to “thinking about the question

  • diana1litcoach

    It is fun to think about not being “done” yet; of finally learning stuff about yourself that might be inside hiding. I’d never go back in time to my 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s. Well, maybe my 40’s. Enjoy this journey. I am looking forward to seeing some of your work. 🙂

  • Linda Baie

    What an interesting and questioning post. I love your analogy to that special cheshire cat. I always thought that he was rather cool, to hide himself that way, and clever. I hope you do share more of what you are learning, if you can. Love that little quirk at the end. I think you just opened an eye.

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