“Your mission, should you choose to accept it….”  of course we all chuckled.  Our mission was to find something in nature and write about it in the first person. We would be sharing our paragraphs in small groups.

I knew where this “mission” was going: in personalizing the object, we would reveal insights about ourselves in the writing.

But like many of my fellow participants, I chose to suppress this knowledge and just go with the exercise, just write without thinking about how my words were going to be interpreted.

It was really fun to hear the writing of others – the variety of topics was broad; the writing was beautiful, powerful, insightful and yes, revealing.

I chose to write about the emus that lived on the farm; I had some fun – and I know my words tell as much about me as they do about those precocious birds.

Emu (meyou)

I watched you
on your two legs,
          like mine,
not like mine.

I heard you,
your voice
like those other birds
          but not like mine.

I looked at you,
looking at me.
I saw you
looking at me,
looking at you.

I walked away.


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4 responses to “encounter

  • Deb Day

    The poem is wonderful–for me, reminiscent of Dickenson’s ” I’m Nobody” I don’t know why I make that connection–but it was the first thing I thought as I read the poem. Your photos are truly beautiful–that top one could be framed–or at least be a postcard! Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda Baie

    Well, it’s so beautiful there on that farm, must have been inspiring for everyone to write. Your poem holds some elegance and snootiness, like those emus. Is that really you, too? I like the this, not that parts.

  • elsie

    Your poem is great! Emus are such pushy creatures and you have captured them in words and photos. Your pictures are incredible!

  • Betsy

    I love how you arranged the photos of the emus, the legs, head, etc. The picture of leaves in the rippling water is really cool too! What a beautiful place and a nice poem to capture the memory.

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