you don’t have to stay on the path

In between Half and Half and buttons,
I parked the car,
pulled out my camera,
and took a walk.


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7 responses to “you don’t have to stay on the path

  • Donna Smith

    Love that last picture!! It is so much fun to see mind-messers like that. Funny, but once I wondered what it would be like if we just drove anywhere…like you would in a field. Why do we only go where we are told we can go, stop when the sign or light says to? What if we just went? People in covered wagons and on horseback, or walking used to. Wouldn’t they be surprised if they came back today?

  • Tara

    What a walk! I also love Donna’s idea of just going – letting our imaginations choose the path. My daughter kind of had a chance to do this last Spring when she drove from New York City to L.A. – it took several weeks of stopping when there was the inclination to and just wandereing and meandering along the way. I was so envious!

  • JenniferM

    hahaha, what a great image! I feel like that would make a fantastic poster to put up in a classroom to encourage those divergent thinkers!

  • diana1litcoach

    Great pics! These would be great for kicking off a free write. Now that I mention it, I think I will. 🙂

  • Michelle @litlearningzone

    Gorgeous pictures! Kinda reminds me about stopping to smell the roses…even if they are not on the path!

  • Linda Baie

    I’ve always loved the idea of the word ‘wanderlust’. Perhaps you had a piece of it today? Do I gather a special meaning from ‘buttons’ & ‘half and half’ too? So creative! Lovely photos.

  • Stacey

    Great photos! I second what Diana said (above).

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