keeping it going

“The world outside my window,
is a world of color I see.
Fiddle dee dee, outside my window,
there’s a world of color I see. 
Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow ’round me.
Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow ’round me.”

Tom Hunter was a minstrel, a pastor and a teacher –  all of these all the time.  I heard him first as a young parent with my children at the library for a sing-a-long. Then I heard him on his “circuit,” presenting at conferences for teachers around the country.  But I appreciated him most as a spiritual leader in our community, gathering generations together at a local theater each December for stories and songs contemplating the Christmas season.

He died suddenly 3 years ago but his songs live on in my memory. There are the songs I love as a teacher, I Have a Box:

“I have a box, it’s an old shoe box and it’s just about this big square…if you come over here, you can look in my box, ’cause my favorite things are there…..”

The tired mom in me is often humming the lullaby, Rock Me to Sleep“Tonight I’d like you to rock me to sleep, I’d like you to sing me a song.  I’m tired of trying to figure things out, I’m tired of being so strong.”

But the song that sticks in my head the whole year round is Angels“Angels might be anywhere at all, listening, gossiping, anywhere at all.  On a cloud or a rooftop or climbing up the wall, angels might be anywhere at all.”

Last Sunday, his songs were once again being sung by our congregation.  Tears fell in remembrance and joy.

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5 responses to “keeping it going

  • Donna Smith

    I love the “Rock Me to Sleep”. He sounds like a very special person. Glad he stayed for a while! It was nice they could still sing the songs he gave. Does he have any published? How could I hear one?

  • JenniferM

    I love the idea of angels being anywhere, especially at this time of year. Reminds me of the similar verse from “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” that always hits me — “Still through the cloven skies they come / with peaceful wings unfurled / and still their heavenly music floats / o’er all the weary world”. Thanks for sharing your memories about this special person!

  • grade4wizard

    Simple words giving power. Tom Hunter clearly had magical way with words. Thank you for sharing.

  • Linda Baie

    I love that you shared about this wonderful person that’s been in your life, & that you shared the link to his work. The songs are great, & I too especially like the rocking one, but at this time of year, I see why you like the angel song too. The photos add a lovely touch!

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