reflections: One Little Word

2011 was my first experience with One Little Word.  My word was “notice.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed this endeavor.  While I didn’t always like the prompt suggested by Ali Edwards, and occasionally created my own, I found the questions and tasks provocative and worthy of thought.  Discerning why I wanted to engage in the prompt, or not, was often the most valuable part of the exercise.  It helped that I was intent on creating a book that I treasured, not just a collection of monthly projects. (It was sweet to hear my daughter say, “I want this book  someday.”)

The months that were the most fun for me involved photography, art and poetry. Prompts where I felt forced to take a perspective that wasn’t natural for me were the most challenging but thinking about why the prompt bothered me told me things about myself I hadn’t been aware of.

I love the word I chose this year; in fact I don’t think I’ll really be leaving it behind next year, rather, my new word will become a layer over the old – like lace over silk.  I am sure the two words will interact with each other in ways I can’t imagine.  I’m excited to see what happens.

I’ve been thinking hard the past few weeks about a word for 2012.  Knowing how it felt to explore my word creatively and in writing over this past year has me looking for a word with lots of dimensions.

Right now I have chosen the word “thirst.”  I’ve got a week for it to take up residence in my soul before I begin a new journey.

update 12-31-2011
I thought about being thirsty all week and realized I was most thirsty for delight – 2011 was a tough year.  So my One Little Word for 2012 will be “delight.”  Bring it on!

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