February miracle

I think the reason Pacific Northwest coffee drinkers love an abundance of latté options is because the weather usually only comes in two variations: filtered or drip.

Two and half weeks ago we had freezing temperatures and 8-14 inches of snow on the ground.  But this past week ended with a burst of sunshine and temperatures in the fifties.

Everybody here goes a bit nuts when the sun comes out after a cold spell.   My students quickly peeled their coats and threw their mittens on the ground.  They played like newborn lambs in the grass!

The scenic route to Larrabee State Park was lined with cars and people were on the beach kayaking, rock climbing, picnicking, taking pictures.

I strolled around with my camera and then drove further south hoping to catch a scenic sunset.  I wasn’t the only one enjoying a February miracle!


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7 responses to “February miracle

  • Linda Baie

    So, we in Colorado got the big snow this time, & I suppose we’ll have that lovely warm weather this coming weekend. Ah, the vagaries of Mother Nature! Your pictures are memorable, each one capturing a special moment. I never tire of seeing beautiful sunsets. Thanks for sharing some of your day.

  • grade4wizard

    This kind of weather is a long time to wait for me. We were happy, but continually bundled up, when the cold went from -30 degrees Celsius to
    – 15 degrees celsius.
    I like the picture of the climber and the picture of the shadow best.

  • duffytrout

    Amazing photographs!!! The pictures made your writing come alive. Thank you for sharing your day in the sunshine.

  • Gretchen

    Ah, the one sunny day in the PNW makes any wait worthwhile. IMO. My PNW mother was envious of my 70 degree NC day(s) last month. They were pretty nice, but not worth the payback in June and July and August and September… Personally, I think the guy on the rock might just be insane.

  • Betsy

    I remember one day last year in February I flew a kite with my son, I think it may be time to get that kite back out! These days we are having in Michigan are unlike most this time of year.

  • girlgriot

    I love this slice! Love the start with your clever “filtered and drip,” and love the feel of the warmth after the cold and snow … and that photo of the kids playing is precious!

    Thanks my stopping by my blog today!

  • Donna Smith

    Love “the weather usually only comes in two variations: filtered or drip”…
    I wonder if this means that winter hasn’t started yet??? I like how each year is different. Next year will most likely be heavy snow and cold…or this summer will.
    BTW: Rock climbers have to be crazy.

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