my life as a banana

This entry was inspired by a quip by Diana about reinventing herself. I’ve been feeling a bit bruised lately in the job application arena so here is my new resumé:

I am a banana.
I joined the world a little green, clumped together with others who looked just like me, hoping to be handled gently.

I am a banana.
I ripened nicely with gentle care, adequate light and a temperate climate.

I am a banana.
Now that you have peeled me back, you know I’ve got good fruit.  And…
I combine nicely with other foods – like yogurt, cereal, other fruits.

I am a banana.
Be careful with me – if you carelessly discard me I’ve been known to trip people up.

I am banana.
You could just hang me out to dry.
But then you’d be stuck with just a chip of the original.

I am a banana.
I bruise easily, in fact, you could smash me beyond recognition.  But the real essence of me will still be there and I’ll make a darn good smoothie.

Or better yet, bake me into bread.
I don’t even mind being put together with a few nuts.

I am a banana.
I’m recyclable.


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