March 2012 Slice of Life Writing Challenge

The authors of Two Writing Teachers, Stacey and Ruth, host a challenge they call “slice of life.”  Every Tuesday, they invite readers/writers to link an entry to the comment section of their blog.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience; it kind of gives me a deadline –  I post an entry on my One Sunflower blog as well as this one every single week.   (It also inspired my mom to keep writing on her own blog which I help edit.)

Every March, TWT hosts a daily Slice of Life Challenge.  People write and leave a link to their blog every single day!  Year 2011 was my first experience with this challenge and it was rigorous.  I will be using this blog instead of One Sunflower to participate in the challenge this year.

I feel lucky to have friends who enjoy reading my writing – but I certainly don’t want to over extend my welcome – so hang in with me over the month!


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