the humble snowberry

Snowberries – a discovery for Meriwether Lewis in Idaho in 1804, a delight to Thomas Jefferson who cultivated the seeds from the explorers.  For me, the snowberry is a reminder of naughtiness.

“Come on, fill your pockets up, the bus will be here soon.”
“Quick, it’s coming!  All the way to the back!  Move over!”

We were a motley crew of middle school students – me, my brother, and three next door neighbor siblings. We climbed aboard the bus each day and would head to our favorite seat at the very back of the bus for the hour long ride.

Oh the bravado of sitting in bulk with maximum distance between us and Jim, our ill-fated bus driver. He looked like the farmer in the painting American Gothic but meaner. Jim became a target for conspiracy.

“When should we do it?  Which hill will be the best?”
“Cove Road, it’s the longest and steepest at the bottom.
“Ready? NOW!”

…..and as the bus headed down Cove Road, we emptied our pockets of snowberries and they rolled like marbles in the aisle of the bus.


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