if I tell you

my son heads in to the hospital for yet another surgery today, and it got me thinking….

All in all I have a pretty darn good life.  But hey, s—- happens.

My friends and family chide me for being stoic in the face of troubling events.  It really isn’t a case of being indifferent or dispassionate. My emotions can run high and hot and there are things that happen that  do make me cry.  I’m not trying to hide my challenges or run away from them.

It’s just that when stuff happens, I start thinking about how things could be so much worse or how it really is worse for others and so I shy away from telling people about what is going on in my life – because I don’t want pity.

Acknowledgment – yes, I want acknowledgment. I want to know you are concerned, I want you to ask hard questions to help me process, and I will ask for help if I need it.  And if tears come, then yes, I want your comfort.

People all over the world are going through things that are so much worse – on a daily basis. Thank you for being there for me – but really, pray for, and step forward for those who don’t have the friends and family I have – they are terrific.


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12 responses to “if I tell you

  • MaryHelen

    I appreciate your attitude and am grateful you have family, friends around to support you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today, for in the moment of life’s happenings, sharing is encouraging. Blessings.
    (BTW: The SOL pictures your students created on your other blog are adorable. I just love seeing their creative minds at work.)

  • heartfeatheryoga

    if I tell you….just listening…just listening is sometimes the greatest gift…
    thanks for the telling.

  • grade4wizard

    No comments. Just a hug.

  • Ruth

    Wow…your last lines, they are exceptional.

  • Deanna

    Holding you in mind today, and Corbin, too.

  • Tara

    I’ll be thinking of you…I’ll be thinking of your son. It’s hard to be stoic and strong, we all need arms around us while we have the freedom to shed tears from time to time.

  • Linda Baie

    I hear you, & send my hugs straight over. It’s just hard to know how much to help when someone is having a big thing happen in life, like your son’s operation. When it gets too much, I ask for help; otherwise, I’m pretty quiet & realize like you that there are many tough circumstances out there, so I try to help them. Best wishes!

  • Gretchen Staebler

    In my humble opinion, other people’s troubles are theirs. The hardest things for each person are the hardest things. You really can’t compare them to what other people have to survive. You can’t not be happy because so many other people have more to be happy for. Works both ways. So I will be praying for YOU, as well as others. God’s big. She hears it all. (I hope that makes sense.)

  • luckygurl

    I’ve been thinking about your post all day. I’ve had some pretty traumatic stuff happen in my life in the last three years. For some reason, when in the deepest, darkest part of my experience, I had this same feeling–there are so many others who have to go through so much worse. For me, I think it was a way of both feeling connected to others with heavy burdens, as well as a way of reassuring myself that somehow I’d definitely be okay. Thanks for sharing this. (And I hope all goes well for your son.)

  • diana1litcoach

    Such honesty and clarity in your words. Sending you warm thoughts. 🙂

  • Betsy

    Thinking of you and thankful that you have support. I agree that thinking of others and their pain can sometimes help us get through our own in those really tough moments. We are never alone in our despair and worry.

  • shaggerspicchu

    This is wonderful. I think we all need to be reminded of this. Thank you for your honesty. Lots of hugs and happy thoughts are being sent your way!

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