language of love

Do you have a special way to say “I love you” in your house?

If you are a fan of the TV show Friends – or if you are like me and married to a fan of the show, (or maybe just Jennifer Anniston,) than you are familiar with the episode where the character, Phoebe, says something about lobsters mating for life.

They don’t – in fact there really aren’t any species that do – but it’s a sweet and silly way to say “I love you.”

My mom and dad used to turn to each other on occasion and say “Do you like my hat?” referencing the line in Go, Dog, Go.  My siblings and I thought it was funny. It wasn’t until we were in relationships ourselves that we recognized this communiqué as a sort of secret language between a couple with four children in 5 years who must surely have felt they were hosting a dog party in their house!

A few weekends ago, my husband presented me with a lobster charm for my bracelet.  He had been looking for one for awhile.  Of course he didn’t want to present it on Valentine’s Day – to him that would have trivialized the gift. Presenting it in the middle of an ordinary Saturday afternoon was more significant.

I have to agree.  Special phrases, sideways glances over the tops of children’s heads; it’s part of love, of being lobsters.


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4 responses to “language of love

  • Kat

    That is one of my favorite episodes! I love the part about your parents’ touchpoint, especially that you all saw it one way as children and totally differently as an adult. It’s those special things that keep love alive (there is no way to explain to anyone else why the phrase “master puppeteer” sends my husband and me into gales of laughter!).

  • Linda Baie

    Oh, this is so sweet. We make a big game out of saying ‘happy March, or Happy St. Pat’s Day’, any special day & the challenge is to say it first. Who knows how it started, but we still do it & our kids didn’t start doing it, probably thought it was really goofy! Thanks!

  • pamelahodges

    I raced through your writing. You have a clear and crisp way of writing what you want to say. I was engaged as a reader. And you illustrate so clearly, your parents, “Do you like my hat.” with the special way you and your husband say you love each other.

  • girlgriot

    What a lovely slice! I’m sure that lobster charm looks lovely in your bracelet!

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