“Playing tag with the world”

this s a slice of reflection perhaps, more than a slice of life – inspired by two things – a comment by a friend about how my entries were so personal, and a reply  by luckygurl at Writing Me Home.

“This is an interesting way of playing tag with the world,” my husband said after reading over my blog one night.

It is.  But that isn’t why I created a blog or why I choose this vehicle to share my writing.  I started my other blog in 2009 as a way to examine my practice and share the joys I find in teaching. It has been an incredibly rich experience to engage in reflection on my work by writing at least once a week.  I think blogging on One Sunflower has improved my work as a professional.

My experience with that blog led me to create this one. Writing has become a life line and this blog is a venue of sustenance.

Writing on Wake Up and Write is a gift I give myself.  I force myself to think deeply, share intentionally, and create with care.

If I’m playing tag with anyone, it is myself.


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8 responses to ““Playing tag with the world”

  • gigi2pnw

    Agree, agree, agree: think deeply, share intentionally, create with care. Different in those ways from journaling. A friend told me this morning, she reads my blog to see what I believe (or something like that). I told her it’s a process with me; it helps me figure out what I believe, and it doesn’t end at the end of the post. Three weeks later it very likely has further evolved! A post is a moment in time; nothing more.

  • writekimwrite

    This morning when I was waking up I was thinking…wakeup and write…that is probably what I will do today and then I thought of you leaving me encouraging comments …it is my first experience with a blog and public writing and it is transformational…I am learning so much about myself, the world, stuff that informs my teaching …it is full circle I think…out to the world and back and I can see already it as “a venue for sustenance” too

  • Donna Smith

    This community has changed what I write, how I write, and more and more for whom I write, and I’m learning to know the difference now. Although it is good to have a place to grow in your profession, it is good to have a place to grow in yourself.

  • mrssurridge

    I really like “tag with the world”. We are studying figurative language in my classroom and this phrase is a perfect example! Thanks for the post!

  • capewriter

    Beautiful. I feel like I’m playing tag with myself too. To be intentional. To be disciplined. To do the thought-work I need to to write the kind of piece I’d like to share. To put myself out there, soul-bared. I love that you shared how blogging has pushed your professional growth. Such a smart, true statement for all of us.

  • luckygurl

    I’m really impressed with how articulate you are about your reasons for blogging. “Writing… is a gift to myself.” Beautiful. I love the image of playing tag with yourself. Thanks for referencing my blog, and I hope I figure out what mine is as clearly as you’ve laid out here!

  • Linda Baie

    Every time I read your blog, I love that you are so personal, as you wrote. I like your husband’s analogy, but also understand that ultimately whatever we write must please us, not anyone else, no matter what the goal is. Thanks for such reflection & to tell us so we can reflect.

  • girlgriot

    Oh, I do like that idea of playing tag with yourself! So glad you are sharing that game of tag with all of us.

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