When it comes to fire building, kindling matters.  As a young Girl Scout, I spent a long time gathering sticks “thinner than your fingers.”  While my friends would hurriedly lay their fire and begin to strike matches under a handful of kindling, I would fill my arms with the stuff before crouching with my match.

The same is true when it comes to starting new projects.  This weekend I spent time sketching plans for a new vest, knitting a swatch,  and gathering ideas and materials for a new fabric art piece. I’m so psyched!! (no hints except this picture!)

I wish I could begin striking matches tomorrow!  I’ve already cast on and begun my knitting – that will have to be enough until next weekend when I can spread out on the table and get to work!

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6 responses to “kindling

  • pamelahodges

    Interesting parallel with the kindling and your creative projects. I can feel your excitement through your four exclamation points in the last section.
    Nice analogy with the “I wish I could begin striking matches tomorrow!”
    I want to see what you make.
    I hope you show it when you have worked on it more.

  • pamelahodges

    Oh, forgot to say, love the sketch, and the photograph, and the name of your blog.

  • Linda Baie

    Now you’ve hooked me & I have to wait a whole week! I too love the comparison with gathering kindling for the fire. It’s actually exciting!

  • Ruth

    You find the best way to compare things in life. I always gain inspiration for finding metaphors in my own life when I read your writing. I love your little sketch and am glad you shared it.

  • girlgriot

    The colors and patterns in your hint of a photo are gorgeous. Whatever you’re making, it’s sure to be lovely. I hope you’ll share those photos, too.

    I like the image of carefully collecting kindling rather than rushing to light the match. I’m usually a careful collector, but sometimes I forget my nature and rush to the fire. I need to remember that the prep work is part of the creative process …

  • luckygurl

    Aaaaah. Nothing I love better than starting a new project!! I hope you finish before the end of the challenge or at least give us a peek…

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