things I’m pretty sure of… today

Stacey (one of Two Writing Teachers) introduced me to this topic on her blog Reflections of a Mommy

Things I’m pretty sure of today….

Knitting 7 1/2 of ribbing takes a long time – but it looks amazing.

Not being pleased with some of my handy work on my fabric art makes me rethink the whole piece.

I’m proud of my church for becoming Open and Affirming 13 years ago.

Listening to young people sing “True Colors” will always make me cry.

Spring in the Pacific Northwest may have come in like a lion but the lamb seems to be playing hide and seek.

Lunch with my mom on Saturday, a walk with my dad on Sunday should be a part of every weekend.


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7 responses to “things I’m pretty sure of… today

  • djts

    I’m pretty sure weekend lunches with Mom and walks with Dad are a wonderful way to make the weekend wonderful.

  • elsie

    I have no idea what the first item is, so I will trust it is amazing. Are you being too critical of yourself for the second item? We are our own worst critic. I totally relate to each of your thoughts. I may be trying this before the end of the month. Love the glimpse into everyone’s life.

  • fran mcgown

    We, your mom and dad, agree with your last item… I know the 7 1/2 inches of ribbing are gorgeous and I look forward to seeing the fabric art when you have perfected it. As for spring…right now. Baaaaaaaaah

  • grade4wizard

    A simple list is holding a piece of you in a day. The last on the list speaks the most to me.

  • Betsy

    Oh, how I want to learn how to knit. So happy that you have that as a peaceful hobby. My fantasy is that knitting is the most peaceful and pleasing thing one could imagine and you end up with something beautiful and cozy in the process.

  • Dana

    I’m also jealous that you knit and thought the last lines about your parents were precious.

  • pamelahodges

    A nice slice of your life,
    thank you

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