of quotes and quests

I love this quote from Ruth: “One of the things that drives me as a writer (and a person) is questions. I’m constantly questioning, reflecting, and reconsidering. This is true for my writing life across genres and topics. Questions drive me. When questions become fierce wonderings, I enter a significant place as a writer.

Questions tickle my senses with the potential for new discoveries, new truths.

Some come like continents;

some come like silt.

Some bite and sting, burrowing into ones skin;

Some soothe and quiet a restless soul.

Some quests require sturdy packs

and dusty trails,

maps and gear and fortitude, years of searching,

Some appear overnight, glistening,


leading the seeker

gently to new ground.


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3 responses to “of quotes and quests

  • elsie

    “Some come like continents, some come like silt” creates a wonderful image for me. But then I reread and I love “Some bite and sting, burrowing into ones skin;” I can’t pick, your words are speaking to me today. So many great phrases in such a short poem. Thanks!

  • Paul

    Lovely imagery, great use of line breaks and control of cadence. The last sentence is an absolute gem! 🙂

  • Dana

    I agree with Elsie, I loved “Some bite and sting, burrowing into ones skin.” I could just picture how a question can do that to me.

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