dip in the road

I anticipate this part of the road every day.

If it is a frosty day, I check for black ice before descending the quarter-mile dip.

To the right, as I head north, there is a small valley and water collects there.

Mt. Baker is just beyond the treetops and the sun will rise there flooding the road with light on a clear day.

To the west, a marshy stand of alders has sprung up, creating a dark, shadowy run of streamlets between two small hills.

Sometimes there are swans taking refuge on their migratory path.

Sometimes there are Canada geese, poking their long necks about the reeds.

In summer, the water is gone, replaced by reedy grass and horsetails.

I always slow down on that dip, enjoying how each season reveals itself in the contours and colors there.


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9 responses to “dip in the road

  • wkb57

    Love this…our family has viewed Mount Baker from Vancouver Island (I think). It is a beautiful sight to see. Your drive must be lovely with the added “dip in the road”.

  • margaretsmn

    What a beautiful spot! I love the reflection in the water of the clouds. I think your words could become a nice poem.

  • Julie

    Simply beautiful. I love finding those special places, corners, niches in the natural world that make us stop and catch our breath.

  • luckygurl

    This is a great idea for writing–a place you pass each day, and how it changes over the year… I loved looking at your image full screen. I noticed that the reflection on the water was even more vivid than the sky itself… Maybe symbolizing how it is the reflections we find that make the world powerful and vivid.

  • Linda

    This really is beautiful. I looked at it full screen too, and I love the reflections on the water. I drive by a lake each morning. In the fall, the trees surrounding it are absolutely fantastic and the reflection on the water is much like the one in your photo. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me of something to be grateful for on my own drive.

  • Josie Stewart

    This is so beautifully written, each word seems carefully chosen – the picture is exquisite as well. Thank you for sharing your view with us and of course, your words.

  • Dana

    Amazing how you have tuned into that one spot that you pass in your life each day. It is a beautiful spot! Great picture.

  • Maureen Ingram

    Oh how lucky you are to have such a beautiful, natural setting for your daily commute! This writing slice is lovely. I feel as if I am there. Thank you!

  • fireflytrails

    Your words gave me a picture even better than the beautiful photo. I will have to look for a special spot on my drive each day, too.

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