doing the math

It seems that most people I know struggle to feel they are “enough.”
They want to do more in the lives of their loved ones, their communities, charities they care about, their work. I have felt this same tug.  Recently someone blogged about how “enough” means “what is sufficient.”
So I’ve figured out the math for all of you:

If Enough = What Is Sufficient

and – as is usually the case when it comes to the efforts of caring people…
if What Is Sufficient = All That Is Necessary

and – as I am told again and again…
All That Is Necessary = Plenty


Plenty = All That Is Necessary

Plenty = What Is Sufficient


Plenty = Enough

So……because everyone who loves me
and probably those who love you, will say….

All You Are and Try to Be = Plenty.

if  All You Are and Try to Be = Plenty

then..logic and math will tell you….

All You Are and Try to Be = Enough

and yes I know, I can turn the equation towards myself and say emphatically:

All I Am and Try to Be is Enough.

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16 responses to “doing the math

  • Linda Baie

    Interesting working through the paths of expectations of what is enough; it is a big challenge. Maybe it depends on what happens any given day with different people? Maybe the glass fills up when one least expects it? Thanks for something to really ponder!

  • luckygurl

    “Enough” is one of the words I meditate on frequently. So this really resonated with me. What if everyone felt they were “enough”? I feel like this world would be a different place. I know that I feel most “enough” when I’m truly grounded in the connectedness we have to one another and when I can sense the grace of this Universe holding all that I am.

    Thanks for reminding of that this morning. 🙂

  • luckygurl

    (Also, I want to take a picture like that.) 😉

  • Catie Peterson

    I love the photo and the math. I never feel ‘enough’ because I create a moving target – like trying to pin down infinity. So I do this math – infinity is a direction, not a place. Enough will always be beyond me, but as long as I move, I’m learning to be fine with that.

  • margaretsmn

    You have a wonderful problem solving ability here. I love the final proof: if I say this of others, it must be true for me too. God doesn’t make junk. Prove it.

  • capewriter

    I think this is a remarkably logical post. I think I may have a connection to its origin. I’m always asking myself this in some form or fashion. Thank you for working your magic to lead all readers home and to a complete understanding of what enough really means. I just heard the song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor on the radio today — you should check it out. It works well into your theme :). b

  • elsie

    It’s too much thinking for me at this time of night. You are not enough, you are more than enough and that’s plenty of good stuff for me to read. I hope this comment is sufficient, it’s the best I could do.

  • Gretchen Staebler

    I am so relieved. And I am about to try to be more than all I have been. I hope I am up to it.

  • luckygurl

    I’ve linked to your blog in my post tonight. It also has a bit of math/logic to it… Thanks for sharing Brene Brown’s work a few weeks ago. It really impacted me.

  • Juliann

    Now this is math I can understand!

  • Mrs. V

    I found your post because of comments on Ruth’s post from today also focusing on being content, being enough ( I loved reading these two posts together. I think it captures the spirit of SOLSC, those unexpected connections between posts.

  • Paul

    Ha! Love the “math” — a great vehicle for your point. We must always find the balance between striving to be better and avoiding self-attack and dissatisfaction with our present state of being. Well done! 🙂

  • Cathy

    Love this. I’m sending it to my brother. He’s a math guy and always worrying about doing enough.


  • Rob

    A terrific real life application of the transitive property. I really needed to hear this, today. Cathy’s brother, Rob.

  • Ruth

    And now I understand why everyone was pointing me here. 🙂

    Your words always speak to me and I consider it an honor that we selected the same topic on the same day to blog about.

    Yes, enough is a acceptable.

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