spell bound

I go out into the night, once again,
seeking to catch a glimpse of that pearly orb
we call the moon.

Bold, white,
a hunk of rock the world has named
but cannot claim.

Suspended in darkness,
gliding from horizon to horizon,
a face with phases,
marking time, inspiring legends,
childhood rhymes.

Though some wish to trespass in its dust
for me the moon is just a silent siren
to Wonder.

Gazing upward, I go out into the night,
joyfully fascinated and spell bound.


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7 responses to “spell bound

  • djts

    And fascinating that it was the same stunning moon that I was gazing at too! Lovely picture! I tried, but it I couldn’t get a good shot as we were driving home. But it looked gorgeous over the river!

  • writekimwrite

    That was quite beautiful wasn’t it! Your poem expresses your experience and awe. Lovely.

  • Lynn

    Wow! You wrote an unbelievable poem! I love “making time, inspiring legends and childhood rhymes”. Just beautiful.

  • aruddteacher100

    We saw a beautiful full moon this weekend past. I love how it’s captured you under its spell!

  • Maureen Ingram

    A poem to honor the “Super Moon” – love it! I particularly liked your description of the moon as “a silent siren to Wonder.” Lovely.

  • pamelahodges

    I can picture you walking with your head staring upwards. Thank you sharing your walk with the moon.

  • fireflytrails

    Well, as good as the last moon poem was, this one is even better! You amaze me with the words you choose – always so thoughtful, just enough to capture the meaning and share the essence of feeling. Who needs to “trespass in its dust” when we can be “entranced” right here? So many names for the moon – all in your poem. Fabulous!

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