this way, that way

a week ago
the sirens sounded
i heard the frightening news




dump truck

this way, that way

at church i learned that i knew more
i knew a victim
i knew a grieving grandmother
i knew
i knew more

i went back to work on Monday
and avoided that stretch of road,
i didn’t want to go
that way,
this way

in my head
i heard the sirens
i remembered



dump truck

but come Friday it was time,
i headed west,
i took the road

marks on the pavement
yellow, orange
this way, that way


dump truck

i knew
i knew

i know.

prayers don’t make siren sounds
but they can go
this way, that way



dump truck driver


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5 responses to “this way, that way

  • pamelahodges

    so so sad
    your words go this way, that way
    and you touch me
    with repetition and sadness
    i knew
    i knew
    i know
    powerful, bold

  • LInda Baie (@LBaie)

    Sorry to hear of anyone dying by an unnecessary accident. How hard it is to understand. Your poem is special, to write of someone’s tragedy is like sending out a prayer for them.

  • Maureen Ingram

    What a beautiful and sorrowful poem. My heart hurts to hear about such a tragedy. Your repetitive lines are like an echo of the pain one feels, as the tragedy comes to mind, over and over.

  • fireflytrails

    Your grief comes through your words and causes me to be so sad as well. Those who read your work will be praying, too. Thank you once again for speaking from your heart and soul.

  • djts

    Whenever I hear sirens, or see an accident, I pray for those involved and hope that my prayers are headed, as you said, “this way, that way”, for lives will be changed that day. Powerfully written, but that is how writing is when “you knew”.

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