rabbit hole

A favorite author of mine publishes a book once a year – usually in August or September.  So in the spring I start looking for her new title and put a request in at my local library.  I got the notice last week and eagerly trotted in on Saturday to pick up the brand new book.  I was worried though, because when I am reading a book, it is like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole.  This isn’t the best time of year for me to get lost in a book, a month ago would have been better!  But oh!  reading a good book is like finding buried treasure.  So I’ll leave you now and head back down into my warren….but first a poem about how I feel about this experience.

“Come away with me”
the invitation read.
I stepped closer.

No need for “drink me” juice to shrink or grow,
no need for special shoes or wands or maps to follow….
I just opened the covers and walked in.

Words written, black on white:
one word,
one sentence,
then two.
A paragraph,
whole pages,
a chapter.

I was in,

And soon
all I read had breath and breadth;
mere words and my imagination
put flesh on bones,
spun color and place
from nothing but ink and space.
Hours, days, years of time
pass in minutes, line by line.

A book, that’s all it took:
to fall headlong into buried treasure
and emerge,
rich beyond  measure.


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7 responses to “rabbit hole

  • Ramona

    I love this! Is it okay if I share it with my students? My favorite lines:
    “…mere words and my imagination
    put flesh on bones,
    spun color and place
    from nothing but ink and space.”
    And now I’m curious, what is the title of this book that took you “headlong into buried treasure”?

  • Linda Baie (@LBaie)

    Oh-Ramona took exactly what I was going to quote too, Amelia. Lovely feelings there about the book. So-also like Ramona, what is the book? Happy Reading!

  • luckygurl

    “I just opened the covers and walked in…”. What a gift reading is! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to pause, remember, and celebrate with gratitude.

  • Elsie

    You have described me when I get started in a book. I find it so hard to join the rest of the world because they haven’t lived the pain or joy I’ve been through in my book. That poem is fabulous!

  • Maureen Ingram

    “I was in, deep.” I love the feeling one gets with a good book! Your poem describes the feeling vividly. I will chorus others – what is the book you are enjoying so?

  • Katie - sistah

    I forgot to tell you today how much I loved this post. I shared it with Barry and his sister (avid reader and librarian that she is). She deemed it eloquent. I so know this feeling…. I don’t read nearly as much as I should, but dove into The Hunger Games on a recent conference trip to San Diego this summer. I’m not sure I remember much of the conference, but I DEVOURED the 3 books during that week. Great way to make a long flight seem way too short. But it is a risk during a “normal” day or week – nothing else will get enough attention. Hoping I have the right books for my big trip in a few weeks.

  • fireflytrails

    This describes the feeling of getting lost in a book PERFECTLY. I love “all I read had breath and breadth.” Your words always draw me in deep, too. Thank you!

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