who are you?

I know that I could feel connected to the world without a faith community but for me, being an active participant in one challenges me to realize that connection with my whole soul.  Within that community I am lucky to have young and ageless people engaging me in this process on a weekly basis. My spirit is vitalized by their leadership and willingness to be vulnerable in a world of ambition and power.  

It is through these discussions that I stay most connected to who I am in the world – and I need the reminders. I’ve accumulated so many names I often forget who I really am.

With skin so smooth it reflects the sun and a clarity of eye that pierces my heart, they walk with me. Dust gathers at our heels as we seek to maintain conversation with the one who first scooped dirt in the garden.

Who are you?

I am a…

No, stop.

Who are you?

I am a ……..

No, go deeper than that.

Who are you?

Ah, now,

you’ve remembered who you are.

and knowing this will guide you in how to be in the world;

take care of  your preciousness

and seek the same in others.


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