I didn’t fully realize what I was being invited to do.  I accepted, and then my heart skipped a beat, uh oh.

3 weeks ago…

Pastor:  “How would you like to present the meditation for the Wednesday night service on November 28th?”

Me: “Sure I could do that.”

Pastor: “Five to seven minutes, on whatever you want.”

Me:  “Okay.”

(Realization of what I just agreed to sinks in.)

(Everyone is looking at me with relief and excitement, how I can back out……)

(Really, 5-7 minutes?)

(I know enough to know that even though 5 minutes doesn’t sound like much, it’s a lot.)

(Okay, buck up, you can do this.)

Our Wednesday night service happens twice a month.  People gather for supper first and then we have a simple service – 45 to 60 minutes.  There are parts of it which are very routine but I can tell that a lot of thought has gone into tying the music and poetry, scripture and meditation all together.   And now I just agreed to take that on!  What was I thinking!!

As I began the process of sorting out my ideas, I felt like I was swimming in really deep water.  But then I started to approach the writing the way I do my blog entries. The water level came down and soon I was treading water, then paddling and finally my feet found the sand and I could relax and walk ashore.

Thumbing through my notebooks of quotes and poems helped immensely.  There were so many just shouting at me to write about. Poking around in the dog-eared Bible my grandmother gave me when I graduated from high school pointed me to themes I have been long been attracted to.  I just had to put my thoughts together.  Choosing music and supplementary readings was a bonus!

What began as a challenge became a gift to myself.  Of course I’ve had some sleepless nights and early morning spins in my journal over the past few weeks but I finally submitted my essay and I’m ready for tomorrow.


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