catching my breath

Today was one of those days.  It was one of those days where I got tripped up, fell and scraped both knees, bloodied my nose, bruised my heart.

I’m sure I’ll be up for walking (running?)  (probably not flying) tomorrow. A poem from the fall:


Fearfully I shooed the cat away,
picked up the bird,
and cupped it gently in my palms.
Grateful to feel its heart beat against my fingertips,
I felt it flinch before becoming still.
I paused to behold this tiny, perfect life
in my hands.

The bird held my gaze,
its beady eyes gleaming with fierce tenacity;
I could feel life thrum in its rib cage.
Clutching angular wings and claws tautly to its chest,
it was preciously and precariously
waiting for me to let it go.


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