One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL #1


“To journey and to be transformed
by the journey
is to be a pilgrim.”

I have a collection of coffee mugs that I love.  My son loves them too.  I’m sure when he comes to the cabinet in the morning he doesn’t think about what color mug he wants to drink from.  But I do.

I’m realizing I don’t often choose the purple ones unless they are the only ones available.

Today I wanted the red one.

I have things to do today.  I’ve got a bunch of soft bananas that need to be baked into bread.  I mopped floors and vacuumed yesterday, today I need to focus on countertops and bathrooms.  I’ve got another Stations of the Cross art project to figure out before the Good Friday vigil rolls around – that is one month away!

Red often means “stop” but as a coffee mug color choice, it stands for “go” – action, stepping out – and into it.


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13 responses to “One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL #1

  • b

    I always choose red; I have to say I like your defintion of GO…stepping out and into. What an appropriate notion as we set off on this new challenge. I loved how you included the reader into your daily plans; I felt like I was sitting beside you ticking off your mental priorities. I do that too…even if it is something mundane like using the old bananas ;). HAPPY MARCH!!

  • Donna Smith

    Wow! I JUST pulled my banana bread out of the oven – had way overripe bananas that needed throwing or baking! AND not too long ago I wrote about my coffee mugs and choosing one in the morning – along with a picture of part of my collection of eclectic mugs that make me happy! Here:
    Here’s to a happy stepping out into the fray!

  • amelia1973

    I too love that we share a name. As I open my cupboard and pull out a mug, I’ll really think about what that represents!

  • writekimwrite

    What an artistic way to start the day by choosing your coffee color mug carefully. Red is an energizing color. I never thought about how it often means stop but to you it means go. Here is to a productive day.

  • pamela hodges

    Yeah for bright colors, and banana bread. Sounds like you are having a productive, creative day. Please show us your Stations of the Cross project when you are finished. Your art inspires me.

    • Amelia

      @Pamela – oh my, your request brings out my inner turtle. I am always filled with trepidation about sharing my spiritual art – and yet all my art is spiritual in some way. Probably worthy of a blog entry……

  • debbussewitz

    What a poetic entry this is. I often choose my morning coffee cup based on the dreams I had the night before. Your entry took me to that memory. Thank you.

  • luckygurl

    Yay for symbolism! And yay for coffee mug collections! That gives me a post idea, thanks!

  • Paul

    Your writing (the red of your mug) brought this Richard Wilbur poem to mind: “Thought is degraded action!” (The line breaks are a bit messed up, I think)

    A Fire-Truck

    Right down the shocked street with a
    That sends all else skittering to the
    Redness, brass, ladders and hats hurl
    Blurring to sheer verb,

    Shift at the corner into uproarious gear
    And make it around the turn in a squall
    of traction,
    The headlong bell maintaining sure and
    Thought is degraded action!

    Beautiful, heavy, unweary, loud,
    obvious thing!
    I stand here purged of nuance, my
    mind a blank.
    All I was brooding upon has taken
    And I have you to thank.

    As you howl beyond hearing I carry you
    into my mind,
    Ladders and brass and all, there to
    Your phoenix-red simplicity, enshrined
    In that not extinguished fire.

  • Rhonda Deighton (aka Mardie)

    It’s funny but I was thinking a lot about colour today and hoped to blog about my thoughts sometime this month. I bet the red mug put some bounce in your step today.

  • fireflytrails

    So many things we do and attach ourselves to speak volumes about who we are and where we are going. I love the red mug idea.. I use the same mug each morning – i like the way it feels in my hand, the size and weight of it, and the thin edge that I drink from. I wonder what that routine says about me….

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