One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL#6

“To journey and to be transformed
by the journey
is to be a pilgrim.”

“Thank you for your kindness.”sols_6

In this case, I was being thanked because I intentionally took a stance of non-responsiveness to an oversight by this individual. I have had people comment on actions I have taken or gifts I have provided in a way that acknowledged the kindness of my response but this comment felt different. Perhaps it was because my kindness was actually an act of forgiveness, something not often recognized.  I think all of us practice forgiveness in large and small ways throughout our days and we forget we are the receivers and givers of these acts of kindness.

This situation could have passed by without words from either one of us but instead my friend reached out to make note of my choice and to recognize me for it.  It came from a gratitude deeply felt and I am receiving it with a bow of my heart to my friend for his willingness to be openly vulnerable.


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