One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL #14

sols_6To journey and to be transformed
by the journey
is to be a pilgrim.

Brittany called today on her way home from an interview for an internship.  It had been a positive experience and she was over-the-moon excited about the possibilities of this opportunity.  We chatted about the kind of job it would be, the location, the kind of commute it would entail.  She has other inquiries she is pursuing but really liked what she heard today.

While she was calling to tell me about the interview, Brittany was also motivated to call because of something she saw in the interviewer’s face today.  He shared something about his own 24-year-old daughter and the love evidenced in his face and voice  made her realize her own parents must get looks like that some times.  She knew that our chat was probably producing that kind of look on my face at that very moment.

How right she was.  I feel like I have that look all the time when she is with me and telling me about her joy and pride in herself but maybe it is just too hard for a child to see in their own parent.  Maybe I have missed seeing it in my own folks’ faces. I guess that is why expressing thoughts and feelings in words is so crucial, because just a look is not enough.

I love you, Brittany, and I am so proud and happy for you.


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4 responses to “One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL #14

  • Gretchen Staebler

    Emma caught me on FB this morning and started a chat with me about an opportunity at her current job, and some misgivings––or questions at least. It makes me over-the-moon happy when she seeks me out to process with her. That is just the very best part of parenting: when they are grown and smart and independent and still value and need their mama.

  • Kelly Mogk

    I wrote tonight also about my new experiences as a mom of an adult child. Thanks for sharing this slice; I look forward to when my son starts having these moments – I remember having them as a freshly “on my own” adult, too. We’re still in that strange in between phase, learning to navigate the newness of his independence. Your slice made me smile. 🙂

  • fireflytrails

    So beautiful. We can’t take any of that for granted. I suppose that’s why God gave us words (and hugs) as well as looks to share with our loved ones.

  • Maria

    It is so cool to know that a lot of other people are doing Slice of Life.

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