One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL #17

sols_6Respite is required when one is on a journey.

And, as usual, when I didn’t recognize my need to rest, my body said “halt” and put me into forced shut down.  A knotted stomach, fever and intense need for sleep felled me yesterday.  It is too bad for my friend that I was landed in her house for what was supposed to be a mini-girlfriend retreat.  But I benefited from her teenage Candy-Striper experience as she played both hostess and nurse maid.  I am glad I arrived at her house on Friday night so we at least had one full evening to catch up, and I am glad I could drive myself home on Sunday as my illness seems to have been a one-day bug.

I am well rested, my stomach has only the tiniest twinge today.  The journey will resume tomorrow.


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