One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL #27

sols_6I can count all my bad car experiences on two hands – I have been so lucky, including tonight:

Girl Scout trip when I was in high school
ran out of gas
my whole troop pushed the car onto and off the ferry
and up the hill to the nearest gas station

Flat tire in college
rescued by my boyfriend and future husband who was working as campus security
he pulled up in his little truck
helped me change my tire and get back on the road

Early years of marriage
on the way to see James Bond movie
axel and tire from car in opposite freeway lane
flew across and landed on my car hood
major wrinkle in hood, some electrical issues
didn’t go to Bond movie

Leaving for first big family vacation to Oregon coast
3 inch bolt in tire just 10 blocks from nearest Les Schwab

First time taking kids on family vacation by myself
brand new car
ran through stop light in Portland
hit by an uninsured motorist who didn’t want to file a claim
even though it was my fault
damaged car could still drive
insurance covered damage completely

Driving my son home from visit with friend
deer jumped out of ditch and hit wind shield
rolled around on top of my car – antlers and all
fell off back of car
my son felt like throwing up, so did I
minor tear in bumper

drove 2 hours to Seattle to pick up my husband
found great parking right outside my daughter’s apartment
got back in car to return home and car starts and stalls
daughter calls tow truck
lends us her car to get home

3 more fingers – I’m knocking on wood


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2 responses to “One Pilgrim’s Process – March SOL #27

  • AJF (@Anitaferreri)

    What different experiences yet so connected in the world of cars – love them and need them. I hope this one is a quick fix and floolws your pattern of happy endings!

  • fireflytrails

    You have had some definite challenges with vehicles. So glad they have all turned out OK. Funny how one event causes us to catalog our remembrances of similar things – if we are thoughtful enough to notice, as you are.

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