Daily Archives: 05/07/2013

Who you gonna call?

sols_6We’ve been reading picture book biographies in my after school class for 2nd and 3rd graders.  We’ve read four so far and because our whole school is working on students being able to name goals and steps towards achievement, we’ve been doing the same for the main character of the story.  What was their major achievement?  What steps did they take and who helped them along the way?  What was the “friend” talk each person had to say in their head to overcome challenges?

Our most recent read was about George Crum, possible inventor of the potato chip.  Of course we had to do some taste testing of chips and try our hand at slicing a potato so thin you could see through it.  But we also talked about how his sister, Kate, was his greatest fan and supporter.

Today I asked the students to name their greatest fans.  Some of them named their parents.  A few named their “BFF’s” – some of whom were in the room – but all of them named their teachers.

Woo, hoo – go staff!