Daily Archives: 05/14/2013

skin in the game

Yes, I am busy.  When I catalog for my husband and my sister and my mother and my daughter all the little things I’m trying to stay on top of in a week, it is a bit much.  For some it would be too much.  But I’ve always been able to sort my life into two boxes – those activities that keep me busy and those that keep me grounded.

Activities that keep me busy are those of housewife and parent, pet owner, teacher, committee member.  Activities that keep me grounded are wife, mother, friend, professional, community member.

They sort of sound the same, but they’re not.  It’s all about having skin in the game.

If dishes don’t get done and the cat box gets stinky, and my lesson plans aren’t quite what they should be and minutes don’t get typed up in a timely manner, well……it might be a bit frustrating for those I live and work with. However, I can honestly say, “better luck tomorrow.”

But if I don’t maintain touchstones with those I love, and don’t maintain a creative and compassionate edge in the way I work and live, well…..I’m not really living for all the tomorrows to come.

It would be easier to just be busy.  I describe it as being “grounded” because I have both the sense of being at rest and in flight at the same time, something I wouldn’t know if I didn’t have a true sense of terrain.  Having skin in the game means there is a sense of fulfillment – from getting hurt, taking risks, feeling loss and/or joy with change.