The Amelia’s Cup Challenge

I feel like a skipper with a boat in two races.  In one race – my teacher race – I’ve become a timid skipper, my sails are reefed as though facing a hurricane and I’m working hard to keep my boat on an even keel and not take on water.

In the other race – vice moderator at church race – I am like a teenaged skipper fresh out of academy, running my boat close to the wind and hanging my butt way out over the water and getting very, very wet.

Both races involve relationships, being creative, attending to details and big picture goals, bringing every ounce of integrity I can muster to the table.  Same skipper – same boat – why is my sailing like night and day between the two?

I’ve got a good crew at church.  We aren’t exactly tested but we’re paying good attention to each other, and are learning as we go.

At school, well, the water is rough, very rough. The crew is great but I think my boat needs some work – maybe there are too many barnacles stuck to the bottom.  I’m going to need to take some chances, hang my butt out in the wind and remember everything I know about sailing.

It is a bit disconcerting to have these two types of experiences happening in tandem.  I flip from one race to the other on a daily basis.  But what I am learning and noticing about myself in each race helps me set my course and adjust my sails for the next go-round.  What can I say?  It’s the Amelia’s Cup challenge of 2013!


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