no expiration date on “celebrate”

celebrate link up

So I just learned about the “celebrate” prompt – sponsored by Ruth.   I will try to respond next Saturday when everyone else does — but celebrations don’t have expiration dates. It is Sunday and I’m going to post my celebration.

I want to celebrate the programming on NPR.  It is the time of year for my local NPR’s pledge drive and even though the extra chatter directed towards engaging sponsors can be a bit tedious, I totally support the work these radio hosts are doing.   I end up thinking a lot about programs I especially enjoy.

One of them is “The Writer’s Almanac.”  I don’t usually get to hear it because I’m at work but last Friday I left early to drive to Seattle and heard Garrison Keillor read a poem by Mary Oliver titled The Poetry Teacher.

So the other part of my celebration is that I am now pondering what a “thirsty, happy, poem” might be.  Something will bubble out of me for sure – maybe that will be next Saturday’s celebration.

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2 responses to “no expiration date on “celebrate”

  • Terje

    i agree that celebrations don’t have expiration dates. I read the poem you linked to. I am curious to see what “thirsty, happy” will bubble out of you.

  • Patricia.

    I like that “thirsty, happy poem” idea. I be not a poet, and I know it!!!, but gonna try for something thirsty and happy!!!

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