4 kinds… on one plate….really!

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I arrived home Friday afternoon after an extremely trying day.  One student, one day, one massive hole in my heart.  I had driven home mentally counting the dollar bills I might have in my wallet calculating what amazingly cheap dinner my husband and I might be able to afford.  I decided going to Costco and buying a foot-long hot dog and a pop was the best option.

As I dumped my purse on the dining room table I remembered….I was supposed to attend a “dining-in-faith” dinner.  These are dinner dates that church members sign up for as a way to get to know others in our congregation.  I signed up a month ago thinking it was something I would enjoy and was notified last Sunday of the time and location of my dinner: Friday, 6 pm, at Wendy’s.

I sighed wearily.  I couldn’t back out of this dinner, and, I was going to have to put something together to bring – Wendy was doing the main course but the rest of us were to bring side dishes.  I was terrified I didn’t have anything in the pantry worth putting together.  About this time my husband walked in and I explained my predicament.  He left to pick up our son, and promised to scrounge in the fridge for dinner.  I put together a salad, washed my face and headed over to Wendy’s.

There were more dinner guests than I expected. Ten of us ended up around the table –  but only after Wendy passed out cards she uses to educate students about salmon – being a fisheries and environmental education specialist – and informed us we were going to have 4 kinds of salmon for dinner: Chum, Chinook, Coho and Steelhead.

It was a lovely dinner and I enjoyed the company immensely.  And I enjoyed all 4 kinds of salmon.  Wendy gave us all a little to bring home too so I’ve got Sunday dinner for Mike and I. That is a celebration.

A full stomach led to a full night’s sleep, a first step to the rest I need this weekend to prepare me for the work of that hole in my heart and the child who is wedged in there.


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