the stuff of dreams

ccms 1My brother and his family are about to embark on a two month journey to New Zealand.  A trip like this has long been a dream of theirs and with my brother being self employed now and their daughters being 8 and 10, it is a good time in their lives to just do it – and go.

Just do it… Go….

How often do those words whisper in your ear?  How often do you respond with action?  For me, not often enough…..

Another dream has also been birthed in my brother’s family.  A few years ago, my young nieces were trying to understand why the youngest sister had a birthday that came first in the year.  Their mother, my sister-in-law, began to sketch a circular calendar to explain the passing of months in a year.  She began to dream of creating this calendar with illustrations and a spinning center.  Communications began with a young artist from the area and her idea slowly developed into a reality.

Her Child’s Calendar of Months and Seasons arrived from the printers this week.  But, her dream of creating and selling this art has collided with her family’s dream of traveling to New Zealand.  Luckily this creation is a perpetural calendar and more like a memory book than a Daytimer.  (One new grandmother bought one to record her grandchild’s first year -how sweet!) Carolyn will be able to sell them when she returns at the end of January.

In the meantime – I’ve got one – and I’ve got a few more to sell if you are interested!  They are truly beautiful works of art thanks to the delightful illustrations by Phoebe Wahl.  (16 x 20, $30 + tax)

ccms 2 ccms 3 ccms 4  ccms 5

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