If I Said No to Work Today…

you are probably familiar with the little poem by Richard Le Gallienne,
I Meant to Do My Work Today.
Here are my thoughts on the subject…..

If I Said No to Work Today…

If I awoke to my alarm
and turned it off and said no to work,
it would only take a moment
for my eyes to close
and dreams return
snuggled in close to you.

When daylight finally claimed the room,
I’d shuffle slowly to the kitchen,
make scrambled eggs and pancakes,
warming the butter in the syrup.

(My mouth waters
imagining that honey-gold,
sit-down-breakfast for two.)

You would fill the bird feeders;
I would drink coffee in my chair.
We would watch to see the birds
and the squirrels who came to dine.

Of course I would knit,
and listen to classical music,
and maybe read a chapter, or two, or three.

At some point I’d rise, put on Saturday clothes,
grab my camera and go out walking….
maybe you would come too.
When my tummy rumbled me home again,
lunch would be soup and grilled cheese,
cooked slowly to brown the bread
and melt the insides just so.

Then I’d plunk myself down in front of my magic closet,
the one full of fabric and paper and creative stuff,
and I’d figure out something I’ve longed to do.

I’d do it
until I was finished,
or hungry,
or ready for wine,
or bed,
or all three.

And that night
I would fall asleep,
curled up in your arms,
dreaming about the next time
I decided to say no
to work.


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