advent calendars

celebrate link upWhen I was in high school, my best friend and I used to make little Advent boxes for each other.  We would roll up 25 little notes and candies and exchange them on November 30.  It was a teeny way to make the daily grind of December a bit more fun.

I enjoyed doing the same for my kids when they were growing up. But they have flown the coop – and I don’t have grandkids – yet… so I’m enjoying a digital Advent calendar designed by Jacquie Lawson.  I hope she enjoys creating it because I sure have fun checking out each daily reveal.


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2 responses to “advent calendars

  • Terje

    I have never had an advent calendar. They simply didn’t exist in Estonia when I grew up. My children have the ones with a piece of daily chocolate. I like the idea of self-made calendar and it sounds like a digital one can be fun too.

  • Patricia.

    I was given the Lawson digital advent calendar too and it is indeed a lot of fun…and very creative. Merry C’mas to all!!!

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