there’s a question whispering to me these days…….

The commercial gets me every time; I’ve been a sucker for Hallmark commercials my whole life and each one continues to trigger my waterworks no matter how many times I watch. You’ve surely seen the current one by now; it features children, men, women, all sharing the secret message they want to hear from their loved ones. Every sentiment is one I would want to hear too.

But the question that whispers to my heart throughout the commercial is this:  What is the one thing I really want to hear – and not just hear, but know will come true? 

1-IMG_0108Have you ever really thought about what is truly your heart’s desire?

I’ve been thinking about it now for a little while, and I think I know what is mine.  But this is the kind of message one doesn’t just hope for; these secrets of the heart need light of day and breath of shared spirits to live and come true.

And I am paying attention now.
listening for what you want to hear from me….


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