weekend to weekend
what an amazing amount of life happens between weekends

one Saturday
I am surrounded by mothers and daughters
celebrating all their wonderful body parts with pictures and paint and words

the next Saturday
I am contemplating a memorial of flowers
left at the crash site of a young woman
I watched grow up at church
Sunday to Sunday
weekend to weekend
year after year after year

 for all that is fair and lovely
and all that is unfair and lost
you’ve been on my mind
this weekend

a slice of a weekend project: (it might take time to load up but I hope you enjoy my slide show -powerpoint) –  I am wonderfully made

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daughter, sister, wife, mom, early childhood specialist, creator of poems, photos and sweaters View all posts by Ameliasb

5 responses to “bookends

  • Katie

    What a powerful, beautiful collection of pictures, emotions and words. Thanks for sharing.

  • Haddon Musings

    Your post is so well written and gives me so much to contemplate. Thank you.

  • duffytrout

    This power point is wonderfully made with thoughtful words and beautiful pictures and drawings. Love it!!

  • Terje

    I am glad I took the time to watch the slide show. I loved the combination of photos, words and art. Thank you.

  • fireflytrails

    Sometimes people need many words and long passages to express the depth of their feelings. Yet you are able to capture so much with a small amount of just the perfect words. I am so sorry for the loss you feel. Such a bitter reality these days for so many. It makes such a strong point to compare weekend to weekend. There is so much life and celebration in the project that you captured so beautifully in your powerpoint. Just like all of life, our days – and our weekends – ebb and flow. Beautiful – thank you.

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