phase or phenomenon

How does the choosing of a single word move from phase to phenomenon?

I have been in conversation, listening to or reading about, the words friends are considering or have chosen to be their One Little Word.   Whether or not this is a tradition for you, consider the challenge of this practice and contemplate how it could be significant for those who do it.

I love words – exploring their etymology, definitions, use in colloquial and literary forms. When I heard of One Little Word in 2011, the  concept of taking “ownership” of a word for a year seemed like an armchair adventure.  What I hadn’t counted on was that one word would have me engaging with the world more attentively than I had before.

Moving into my second year with a new word, I realized quickly I wasn’t putting one word down and picking up another; both words became a part of my life. This practice was not a phase, it was becoming a phenomenon.

The revelations shared by friends are just as phenomenal.  For some the word is like a sonar they send out pinging in the depths of their days, trying to figure out what is out there.  For others, it is like a personal coming home parade with signs on every corner, ribbons on every tree, a confirmation of who they are or have become.  Some of my friends use the word like a prayer or mantra to remind them to stay on a chosen course.

Now in my fourth year, for me each word is like a private Hubble telescope in my backyard. What I see tells me plenty about myself, my world, and helps me think more clearly about the future.

And here is a note from a teacher involving her students in an OLW project, how cool!

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One response to “phase or phenomenon

  • Ruth Ayres

    I’m glad you are WORDING-up for another year. This year I selected my 9th OLW. It is lovely the way the all “weave” together to help us become the people we are to be. I’m looking forward to following your journey of weave this year. I’m glad you keep writing.

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