ravel reveal

i’ve been knitting again
the garment builds in my lap
but there is something not quite right about it
i hold it around my body and look in the mirror
it is the ribbing
at the very beginning of the whole thing
that isn’t quite right

i know what to do
but it will be drastic
and require paying attention
and being careful not to lose any stitches
it will be slow and tedious work

i cut the ribbing with scissors
i pick up each stitch one by one
being careful to stay in one row
i put them on a new needle
and then stop

i’m still not sure how to make it right
it will require some thinking
and trial
and maybe error

but this time if i need to correct it
i can just unravel the knitting
and begin again

i now know
that ravel and unravel have the same definition
i now know
the never-used noun form of ravel
means tangle, cluster, knot

until i know how to finish my sweater
i’m going to knit baby booties
simple, mindless, garter stitch knitting
no tangles, clusters, knots


About Ameliasb

daughter, sister, wife, mom, early childhood specialist, creator of poems, photos and sweaters View all posts by Ameliasb

3 responses to “ravel reveal

  • writekimwrite

    “I know what to do
    but it will be drastic
    and require paying attention…”
    I know you are writing about knitting but these words remind me of times in my own life. Times when things tangle, cluster and knot. I enjoyed reading this on those two levels, knitting and life.

  • Haddon Musings

    Interesting post. I felt like your knitting was a metaphor for solving a life problem.

  • elsie

    I didn’t know ravel was a word. I just figured it was like understand, a word that happened to start with the two letters u, n.
    I, too, thought of the thread of life as I read this.

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