C is for…

we ask our students to write to prompts all the time, so hey, I’m going to see how it feels….I noticed Julianne has been using prompts posted by Writealm.com so I’m accepting the challenge today.  Appropriate since the prompt is:

C is for…..

Cold.  It is cold outside this morning.  The fog is that bone-chilling kind that seeps in through my coat no matter how thick.

I finish my coffee.  No staying in comfy clothes this morning.  It’s Sunday and I’ll be off to the church soon. Today is the date of our annual meeting.  It should be a celebration as we’ve been a church in this county for 130 years. But instead, I’m expecting a contentious debate due to the fact we have less in our coffers.  While our community collectively wrestles with this crisis, I will sit calmly to the side witnessing a process I’m so familiar with having been part of the United Church of Christ for some four decades.

I know I can be patient while comments and suggestions for dealing with current condition are put forth by the usual cast of concerned citizens, one by one in this democratic process we cherish. No matter the occasions of  discord, we always come to consensus.  It just takes time.

At the end of the meeting, the gavel is to be passed to me; this year it will be my charge to chair the church council for the coming year.  I’m up to the challenge but we are in uncharted waters.

Maybe another cup of coffee before I get in the car.


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