March Slice of Life writing challenge

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hDear family, friends and followers,

I will be participating in Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life writing challenge which happens in March.  This means I will be trying to write everyday.  While I hope you stick with me throughout the month, I know from experience that receiving an email notice or a notification on Facebook can become a bit annoying over time.  I’ll appreciate whatever support you can give me to stick with this challenge as I’ve learned from the past few years of participating what a rewarding experience it is and find it feeds my spirit in many, many ways. Maybe you’d like to join me!!

I am going to try a new way to participate in this challenge which is to use the daily prompts offered by Write Alm. Lucky for me they are posted all together at the beginning of the month so I can ponder them.  This first day, the prompt is “verdant” – so here goes:


needled branches weighted by snow

new growth emerging furled and sticky from the bud

vine leaves bright against windblown grasses

leaves fading to gold and russet in the fall

blades of grass mingled with mud and debris








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