the prompt was “far away”

The prompt was “far away” and I started there, but this is where I ended up:


The albums lie open on the table
postcards, newspaper clippings and faded photographs
in plastic sleeves, sticky to the touch,
with typewritten captions taped to some of the pages.

Christmas mornings, summer camping,
graduations, weddings, and trips to far away places:
all there and yet so much
is missing.


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5 responses to “the prompt was “far away”

  • Lee Ann Spillane (@spillarke)

    You remind me of a photo-text exchange my brother and I had a couple of weeks ago. He started by texting pictures of our high school selves he’d found. He lives up north; I’m still near our parents in FL. We went back and forth through decades for a while. Lots of laughing but missing him all the more. Your last line captures that for me.

  • Maureen Ingram

    Love the concluding lines, “all there and yet so much is missing.” Beautiful

  • Leigh Anne

    I am so glad I found you again. I thought I had bookmarked the March prompts but didn’t and couldn’t remember which blog I read them on. I love looking at old pictures and memorabilia. That last line is perfect!

  • cthompson2014

    Your words conjure up many memories for me looking at pictures.

  • fireflytrails

    I spent some time last week looking at old school pictures. It brought back so much – but you are also so right: so much is still missing. How clever you are to write to the prompt this way. It is perfect, although I am sure I wouldn’t have thought of it in this light. That’s why I love your writing so much!

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