shimmer – shower

the prompt is “shimmer” but instead I’m doing “shower”

I am not one to stand for long periods in a hot shower.  I take a shower almost every morning and for me, this ritual is for what it does best, wake me up, get me wet, get me clean, and into my day efficiently and quickly.  By the time I’m out of the shower, the water in the electric kettle is hot and ready to pour for coffee and I’m dressed and ready to drink it.

Today I came home from work, stripped and stepped into the shower and stood there.  I didn’t really need to soap up or wash my hair, I just wanted to let that hot water beat down on my skin and strip the day away.  I imagined it would be like taking a pressure hose to the driveway.  I turned this way and that letting every inch of me be pelted by the water.

The funny thing is, the raw thoughts and feelings from the day were there when the water first hit my head and then they were gone.  I stood in the water noticing a Daddy Long Legs in the corner and started thinking about a lesson plan for church school as well as imagining the yarn I might like to knit with next.

All that wonderful water and heat just weren’t worth wasting on a day that was over and done with.WF 2


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